Belles Abroad

Belles Abroad

The Belles Abroad group is one the newest Belles groups and was born during a trip to Potters in March 2017.

The group is open to all and we will be organising a series of (mainly) overseas trips to places which we’d like to visit but just haven’t got round to doing so far.

These are the details of what we have done and what we have planned.  Please speak to Liz on the Committee for more info or to put your name down for this group.

November 2017 – Amsterdam

In early November 8 of us went to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam.  Only a 45 minute flight from Southend airport, we stayed close to the city centre and made full use of the great transport facilities with easy local access to restaurants and bars.  We took in a lot of museums, went to the flower market, on a canal boat trip and in the evenings compared notes about how many thousands of steps we had walked each day!  At the end of the day we relaxed in the hotel garden with hot chocolate.

Here are a few of our holiday snaps.  Amsterdam is definitely a city we would recommend you visit.


February 2018 – Prague

So next stop is Prague 4-7 February 2018.  Anyone fancy joining us?


November 2018 – Bruges Christmas Market

This is currently in the planning stage.  We will probably go by Eurostar so we have no limit as to what goodies we can bring back.