Craft Group Meeting Dates

Craft Group Meeting Dates

Craft Group Meeting Monday 8th July


For our craft group next Monday you will have another opportunity to revisit felt, or bring a project of your choice.

If you want to make a bowl or a piece of flat felt, please check the post below for things to bring with you.

If you want to have a go at needle-felting you need a piece of foam to work on, Carol has needles to buy, and wool.
You may want to embellish your flat felt from last month in this way, or by embroidery.

Hilary showed Carol some lovely cards she had bought that had flat felt embellished with knitting, hopefully she can bring them to the meeting to inspire you!

As usual, a small fee for hall hire and beverages, plus materials used.

June meeting

Next Monday we are meeting at St Mary’s Rectory Hall, Warley at 7.30pm to continue felting activities.

For anyone that missed last month, there is still have some Merino tops left over so making a bowl is possible. For those who fancy making flat felt, whether a landscape, flowers or an abstract pattern to embellish with embroidery later, there is an assortment of wools available. It is possible to incorporate a small amount of silk or metallic threads, or even pet hair! You need to bring these with you.
Don’t overdo it as its only the wool that felts.

You need to bring:
A large towel
Bubble wrap, two pieces roughly 20 inches square,
a piece of net same size
Laundry washing liquid, (not washing up as it produces too many suds) Sensitive is best as you will have direct contact with your hands, or a bar of soap.
A rolling pin would help for flat felting, or a sushi mat, but you don’t NEED these.
You may want to bring a picture for reference.

Materials will cost approx £2 to £4, depending on what you choose, plus a nominal fee to cover the hall and hot drink costs.


An embellished felt picture Carol made recently for a birthday card





Monday 13th, 7.30pm – Felt Bowls
Location: St Mary’s rectory Hall, Warley 
Please don’t forget to bring:
  • 2 pieces of bubble wrap, (small bubbles and 2ft square)
  • 2 towels (at least one of which needs to be a bath towel)
  • a piece of net or net curtain, 2ft sq
  • a small container or jug to pour very hot water from, (be aware-some plastic melts)
  • EITHER some liquid detergent, as mild as possible – sensitive is best for your hands, OR a bar of soap and a fine grater.
    You will also need a big dollop of elbow grease- felting is quite hard work, we may even be able to do without the heating!
  • a little extra money to cover materials and hall hire.
If you don’t fancy felting feel free to bring your own project! We look forward to seeing you there!


For the time being, the Craft Group will usually meet at the Great Warley Rectory Hall at 7:30pm usually on the 2nd Monday of each month.

The dates and details will be emailed to members on the craft list each month (please see Carol Allen at the monthly meeting if you wish to join the list).

Cost of materials supplied are to be paid for on the night. Each attending member will also pay £2 per session, to pay for the venue and refreshments. Any excess will be added to the Craft Group fund for buying materials, etc (or if it builds up enough, getting an expert in to lead one of the sessions!).

Previous 2018 Dates

8 October

5 November (please note this is the first Monday of the month)

10 December

All the remaining 2018 dates will take place at the Great Warley Rectory Hall.

Previous Craft Group Activites

2017 – Craft Group

9th Jan.......... Craft group meal
13th Feb......... Chicken scratch gingham hearts
13th March....... Chicken scratch gingham hearts or Zentangles
10th April....... Buttonholes with Ivy Rose Florist Sophie 
8th May.......... Spinning demo with Joy plus woolly activities
12th June........ Jewellery
10th July........ Diecut paper pictures
August........... No meeting
11th Sept........ Origami
9th Oct.......... Needlecase/ jewellery roll
13th Nov......... Subject not yet decided
11th Dec......... Silhouette tealight holders


Heart Folded book session, led by Liz Southgate
Scissor Keepers from March Meeting
Never Ending Cards
Never Ending Cards from May meeting led by Alex, Chris & Sarah
Fabric Corsages made at the October meeting

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