100 Challenges for 100 Years

What’s this all about?

Last year (2017) was the centenary of Essex Federation and TBBWI decided that between our 2017 AGM and our 2018 AGM we would complete 100 challenges between us.

So what can my challenge be?

It can be anything, big or small, that is a challenge to you. From reading a book, to clearing a bed in the garden, to joining an exercise class, to painting a wall, to making your first sewing project, to wing walking, to extreme climbing challenges. Literally, anything!

How many have been done so far?

So far nearly 50/100 challenges have been completed with 2 months to go! Come on Belles! We can do it!

Where can I get more ideas?

Look through the following slideshow for more ideas on what you could do for a challenges…

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