Community Outreach

WI for the Modern Woman

The Brentwood Belles are happy to work to support local businesses and charity organisations through promotion and encouragement.

We actively support our local food support organisations and a local women’s refuge, with needed items donated by our members; including at Easter and Christmas, when we are happy to purchase Easter eggs, toys, and gifts for local kids in care to help make their holidays special ones.

Additionally we encourage member support or, and entrepreneurial success of our local businesses, especially those run by women. Lastly, The Brentwood Belles support greater charity work and organisations through various individual campaigns, as well as through support via crafted items from our subgroups, and volunteer hours by the members.

Details on what is currently needed at the refuge and the food support organisations are provided during the meetings as well as through emails and our social media.

Find more information on some of our community partners, including details as to how to donate or volunteer your time, by clicking on the logos below. If you are in the Brentwood are, and need of support, a list of Warm Welcome Hubs and support locations can be found on the Brentwood Borough Council website.