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Supporting Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD

Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD – under-identified, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-supported

Women and girls presenting with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are going undiagnosed. The NFWI calls on the government and funding bodies to fund research into the female presentation of ASD and ADHD, and for action to be taken to improve the diagnosis process for women and girls, to ensure that they are equipped to better manage these conditions and do not suffer in silence. The NFWI further calls on WI members to raise awareness within their WIs of the issues facing women and girls with ASD and ADHD.

Resolution Shortlist 2022/23

At the NFWI Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting on 4 October 2022 member and federation delegates shortlisted four resolutions which will now be taken forward for further debate and selection by members.

The shortlisted resolutions are:

  1. Save our water – every drop matters
  2. Women to women – turning over a new leaf in the lives of women tea workers
  3. Online gambling harm: time for action
  4. Clean rivers for people and wildlife


Every member now has the opportunity to cast their individual selection on the resolution they support the most. WIs are encouraged to hold meetings to provide members with the opportunity to discuss and learn more about each resolution. However, if this is not possible members can research the issues
themselves and make their selection.

The selection slip can be found in the November/December issue of WI Life. A copy of the selection slip can also be downloaded on this page.

The deadline for members’ selections to reach their federations is 14 February 2023.

If you have any questions about returning your selection slip, please speak to your WI committee or your federation.

In addition to completing the selection slip in WI Life and posting it to your federation, WI’s can:

  • allow members to submit their selections directly to the WI secretary via email or telephone;
  • conduct an anonymous poll at a WI meeting; or
  • collect selections using electronic tools, such as via email or using a survey tool like SurveyMonkey.


Five Minutes That Matter

Help save lives by raising awareness of the importance of cervical screening!


Cervical screening saves around 5,000 lives a year, yet attendance is currently at its lowest for a decade. The NFWI urges WI members to attend routine screening, to take action to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and address barriers to attendance to help eradicate cervical cancer

Disley WI, Cheshire Federation



At the NFWI Annual Meeting in 2019, 97% of delegates voted in support of a resolution calling on WI members to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and help to address barriers to attendance.

While it’s not a test for cancer, regular cervical screening (also referred to as a ‘smear test’) is the best way for abnormal cells to be picked up early and treated (if necessary) to prevent cancer developing. It is estimated that the test currently prevents 70% of cervical cancer deaths. However, this figure could be 83% if all eligible women attended.

Cervical screening is a choice, and attendance is currently at a 21-year low.

Our campaign seeks to support more women in making an informed decision about whether or not to take up their cervical screening invitations.


Take action

Here are some of the ways you and your WI can get involved in this campaign:

  • Talk about it! We can all help to challenge the myths around cervical screening by speaking to friends and family about the test and why it’s important.
  • Reach out to your GP surgery to find out whether they have any plans to launch a local initiative to improve cervical screening rates in your area and, if so, how your WI could help out.
  • Make a calming lavender-scented sachet to take to your own cervical screening appointments or to give to a friend or family member. Step-by-step instructions for this project can be found in the 5 Minutes That Matter campaign action pack.
  • Register your interest in taking part in NFWI research on cervical screening by emailing us at
  • Organise an awareness session on cervical screening. Why not use our WI 5 Minutes That Matter poster and leaflet to promote the event? We have also created a Welsh version of the poster and the leaflet.
  • Share your cervical screening story with us by getting in touch using the contact information above.


Get on Board for a Better Bus Service

Witnessing a massive decline in the number of bus services, we are calling on both local and national governments to take action. Get on board and find out how you can get involved!


Over the last decade there has been a massive decline in the number of bus services, particularly of those is rural and semi-rural areas. In order to alleviate loneliness, improve health and wellbeing, as well as promoting sustainable development, the NFWI calls on the Government and local authorities to increase subsidies and work in partnership with bus companies and community transport operators to enable an adequate provision of services.

Burniston & Cloughton WI, North Yorkshire Federation



With bus services under threat across England, Wales and the Islands, this resolution calls on both local and national governments to take action. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of local bus services and to empower members, WIs and federations to make the case for buses in their local communities.

Download the Get on Board for a Better Bus Service action pack or request a hard copy by contacting the NFWI Public Affairs department:


Did you know?


Get Involved

The NFWI is collecting case studies about members’ experiences of local bus services. Have you experienced a loss of service? What has been the impact of this? Has your community campaigned successfully to save a local service? We want to hear from you. Call or email us with your story at or 020 7371 9300 ext. 238.

We are also asking members to support and use their local bus services – speaking up to make sure their value is recognised in the face of cuts or reductions and to push for viable and sustainable services. We have outlined various ways for you to get started on this campaign in our new campaign action pack.