Challenge Cup

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What is The Sadie Jones Challenge Cup?

Each month the Belles are set a unique challenge, often related to the topic of that month’s meeting. Challenges can be writing based, crafty, food related, or any other creative endeavour. The entries are usually judged by our guest speaker that night or our President. The top three Belles get awarded points: first place gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points and third place gets 1 point. At the AGM (April), the member with the most points gets awarded our Sadie Jones Challenge Cup.

Who is Sadie Jones?

Our cup is named after our dear friend and fellow Belle, Sadie Jones, who sadly lost her fight against cancer. It is our way of commemorating her and remembering how she really embodied the spirit of a Belle by enjoying a wide range of our groups as well as participating fully in the monthly meetings, and also through the large group of friends she made. Sadie is sorely missed.

What do I have to do?

We try and keep the challenges varied and therefore accessible to all regardless of abilities! Ranging from baking, creative problem solving, puzzles, and crafting, to name a few, the challenge cups are always themed to our meetings, and fun and easy to complete.

Who are the current and past cup holders?

2022 – Rosa Gevaux

2021- Marion Tracey

2020 – Marion Tracey

2019 – Nicola Lighterness

2018 – Elizabeth Ross

2017 – Margaret Webb

2016 – Breda Bower

2015 – Breda Bower

2013 – Pat Austin

2012 – Pat Austin

2011 – Margaret Webb & Sally Wall