National Campaign Resolution Shortlist 2023-24

WI for the Modern Woman

National Campaign Resolution Shortlist 2023-24

At the NFWI Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting on 3 October 2023 member and federation delegates shortlisted four resolutions which will now be taken forward for further debate and selection by members.

The shortlisted resolutions are:

  1. Dental Health Matters 
    • There is a chronic shortage of NHS Dentists and people are suffering health issues as a result. The NFWI calls on the Government to increase investment in the training and retention of dentists and to review the current inadequate NHS contracts in order to ensure everyone can access an NHS dentist wherever they live.
  2. Impacts of poor housing conditions
    • Poor housing can have a deleterious effect on human health and wellbeing, safety and quality of life and can disproportionately affect the most vulnerable groups in society. The NFWI calls on the UK Government to boost housing standards and regulations, increase funding for housing renovations, increase the supply of affordable and secure housing and strengthen collaboration with local authorities, housing associations and other relevant stakeholders to develop strategies that address local housing challenges.
  3. Say ‘no’ to gambling advertising
    • Harm caused by excessive gambling is a global problem. Some countries are already addressing this by banning advertising. The NFWI calls on members, the government, regulators, the NHS, educationalists and gambling charities to work together towards achieving a complete ban on gambling advertising. This will reduce gambling harm, save the NHS money, protect family relationships and decrease the number of suicides, around 400 per annum at present.
  4. Improving Outcomes for Women in the Criminal Justice System
    • There is an urgent need to radically reform decision-making in respect of women in the criminal justice system and in particular, pregnant women and women with children. We urge cross-government collaboration to deliver on the 2018 female offender strategy by setting goals, robust governance and performance measures to reduce the number of women who have committed non-violent offences from being imprisoned.

Next steps :

Every member now has the opportunity to cast their individual selection on the resolution they support the most. WIs are encouraged to hold meetings to provide members with the opportunity to discuss and learn more about each resolution. However, if this is not possible members can research the issues themselves and make their selection.

We will be discussing the shortlisted resolutions at upcoming meetings. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.