Racquet Belles

So, who hasn’t played tennis since they were in High School?

Well we were all the same too, but as part of the WI Women In Sport week 2016, we decided to have another go at tennis, which most of us thought we were really bad at years ago!

And guess what?  We found out that actually we weren’t so bad as we thought we were!

With the patient help of our coach Hal, we meet once a week at Bentley Tennis Club and have an hour of fun.  It costs £5 a session and we meet on Tuesdays from 10 till 11am.

If you fancy joining us please come along.  There is NO need to book, just come and have a go at something you’re probably not as bad at as you were made to think you were all those years ago!

You will have a 6 week trial period before having to decide if you would like to join the tennis club on a coaching or full membership basis (cost from £50 annually).

Please call Liz for more information 07825 017056