Neurodivergent Support

WI for the Modern Woman

As part of the 2022 resolution to support women and girls with Autism, and ADHD, the Brentwood Belles have created a Neurodivergent Support group for our members. This is for any member who is neurodiverse, who may have family or friends who are neurodiverse, or who want to learn more about neurodiversity and receive or provide support for the community.

Meetings are usually held monthly in the evening at the Chicken and Frog Bookshop in Brentwood in conjunction with their other community support for the Neurodiverse community in Essex.

In between meetings, local neurodivergent support can be found for adults and children at Chicken and Frog Bookshop, facilitated by shop owner and Belle Natasha Radford. Some of their activities are listed below: