TBBWI Archive 2016-17


This page will have months added to it as we encounter the same month the following year.

The records start at February 2016 as prior to that the blogs were just deleted. A record of meetings prior to that can be found on our Facebook page.


It was time to vote with the AGM and the Resolutions

It was a jam packed meeting in April, both in terms of the large numbers of members there, and the amount of things we had to achieve, but we got through it all!

We were also joined by Liz Buxton and Tricia Evans, WI Advisors from Essex Federation. Liz, many of you know already as she is also a dual member with us. They took us through the AGM with reports from Tricia, our Secretary, Viv, our Treasurer and Jane, our President.

Our committee for 2016/17 was selected and we welcomed Mary, Kirsty, Breda and Colleen to the team. We sadly said goodbye to Vice President, Pat, and Bookings Secretary & Milk Monitor, Sue. They will be greatly missed by the committee, as they have both been dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Belles committee, with Pat being one of the original founding members, and Sue joining us not long after. They have made a real difference to the Belles of the years and it has been fantastic to work alongside them. Luckily they are both staying as members so we will still be seeing them.

Our President, Jane, was re-elected for the role and the AGM section of the evening concluded.

We held one of our Puddings Club in the break, as part of the Sadie Jones Challenge Cup, and Breda Bower won first place, which pushed her enough ahead in the overall league to win the 2015/16 Challenge Cup. Well done Breda on her sumptious Union Jack Mrs. Beeton Trifle!

We then debated the two resolutions placed before us this year. Jane made presentations on each one, followed by an audience discussion.

The result was that TBBWI voted to not support the Dementia Care resolution. And they voted to support the Food Wastage resolution.

Overall it was a very busy but fun evening with a packed room of Belles. Thanks to everyone who came and we look forward to seeing you in May!

March 2016

What The Dickens?!


We had great fun this month with our guests, Three’s Company, presenting the entire works of Dickens in 45 minutes. There were clever costume changes, lots of laughter and some brilliant acting from all three ladies.

We followed this up with our What The Dickens?! competition where we asked people to bring in household items whose use was maybe not so obvious. There were some very interesting examples that we had to have explained. Have a look at the pictures below and see how many you can guess!

Have a look through our other pictures from the evening:

February 2016

The Not So Naked Choir!

Who knew?! The Belles are pretty good at singing! With a 60+ strong choir, plus two fabulous Musical Director / Choirmasters in Ian Southgate and Emma Hewitt, we had an amazing time at the February meeting learning how to sing even better than we already did (with the exception of Jane and Natasha!)…

Have a peek at us warming up here…

This warm up was followed up by Ian and Emma teaching us to sing Oh Happy Days and we will bring you a video of that in the next few days. It was lovely to hear everyone joining in and enjoying themselves. Ian and Emma made it feel so easy!

We also got to welcome lots of lovely new members, who it was great to see. And our Sadie Jones Challenge Cup was ‘Green Hearts, any which way you like’. There was some truly brilliant creativity on show amongst the many entries.