TBBWI – September 2023 Meeting Minutes – Quiz Night!

WI for the Modern Woman

TBBWI – September 2023 Meeting Minutes – Quiz Night!

Record of the main Meeting held at South Weald Parish Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 20th September, 2023

The Treasurer, Viv, welcomed 60 members back after the summer break and , after housekeeping notices, explained how her quiz would work.

The record of the previous meeting was taken as read and signed.

Ladies were asked to sit at tables in groups of eight and quiz questions for the first round
were circulated. As always, the quiz was both fun and challenging with the ‘mash up’ round
causing great hilarity.

For the challenge cup this month, members were asked to submit an acrostic poem using
either The Brentwood Belles or The Women’s Institute for the initial letters. The poems were
judged by the president and other impartial committee members and the winning entries
were read out.

The results were as follows;
1 st place – Andrea B – 4 points, 2 nd place – Gemma C. – 3 points and third place – Debbie N.
– 2 points. All other entrants were awarded a point each.

Notices were given as follows:-

-Forthcoming trip to Eltham Palace
-Next month’s speaker is Syd Moore who will talk about Essex witches. The challenge
is to design a poster challenging the Essex girl stereotype.

The President thanked Viv for another fun quiz and for the generous contributions for the
food bank. The meeting closed at 10pm.